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Welcome to Rewriting, a blog born with intent to publish fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. In three different categories, each may develop its own theme and follow each preceding post in a similar fashion.

Fiction is set to delve into short fiction or a series (if a character is so inclined to engage readers) and allow some practice of craft. This is not meant to be perfect in any sort, but rather an attempt at creating characters, generating scenes and plots, and trying to find ways to describe an event without missing details or boring a reader.

Poetry is going to be more of a case by case basis. There may be a theme that develops between each one, but initially, I can attest that each was written for their own purpose. These may also be fictitious narrators and events as well.

Nonfiction is going to be sort of interesting ideologies I can share with you from events that truly happen. These may be reflections on a book I’ve recently read and caused me to think differently. It could be an event that played out in an entertaining way. It could happen that I decide to share deep dark secrets. Stay tuned!

For now, Welcome! I hope this can be a place to visit every now and again, in hopes to see revision throughout each piece. Please feel free to comment about ways to enhance each story, poem, or nonfiction piece. Feedback can be incredible!

Return, Recycle, Rewrite


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