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The Wrong Missy is a Dude Film I Never Needed

Directed by Tyler Spindel. Written by Chris Pappas and Kevin Barnett.

This is a movie for those who loved All About SteveGrown Ups, and Hall Pass. Here comes another movie made for laughs and pushing boundaries, but not quite in the way you’d expect. Will David Spade’s character fall in love with this intense woman trying to date him? Will she bring happiness to this seemingly crushing corporate company? What hijinks will prevail amidst a simple

There are hints of misogyny, jokes about mental health, and plenty of 90s dude humor. Even just watching the trailer gives it all away, especially when asking yourself “who is he gonna end up with at the end?” Sometimes we all need a movie like that, so go get it if you need it.

I would advise to not see this film if you don’t care to see jokes on or about misogyny or mental health. (I’m placing this disclaimer because there are people I would actively ask to not watch this movie because of that.)

This is definitely a dude film. I say that with affection since people still really love American Pie for some reason, but there are jokes that will miss the mark if you’re expecting something else. Even at one point it becomes a stereotypical fratboy’s dream of having a threesome with his ex- and current girlfriend. 

I must take a second to praise Lauren Lapkus. This woman stole the show, hands down. If anything, the reason I would want to watch this again would be for her and her alone. She takes this persona of a wacky girlfriend to the absolute extreme. From playing a prank on their first date to drunkenly falling off a cliff, this woman is not afraid to try anything. ANYTHING. And from several interviews and past movies staring David Spade, there is a fair amount of improv that makes it into the final cut. Lapkus definitely brings energy to every line and makes the movie what it is by pushing those boundaries.

With shameless James Patterson endorsements and crowded airports (which today feels unheard of), this movie is one that will rock the boat. I don’t believe it’s going to garner good reviews because of the kinds of outdated jokes and humor.

The best parts are definitely in the trailer so at least give that a watch.

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