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Solarschiff und Schokolade

Heute haben wir ein Solarschiff gesehen. Gestern hat Herr Grollman einen Professor getroffen und er sagte dass wir sein Solarschiff sehen können. Es hat geregnet und es war sehr… interessant. Wir troffen ihm. Es war sehr nass und nicht spaß. Wir klammerte in dieses Solarschiff an. Sieben Personen in ein kleines Schiff. Funktioniert es? Ne.

It was fun to see how the ship worked though. Granted, it was a lot of jargon I never really understood, but I got the gist of what happened. The boat generates enough energy to travel on its own, but only for limited times. It can’t create enough energy to charge other ships in the same process, but they do have a generator connected to a facility close by. This same facility stores the hydrogen that is produced from a different section of the college. This hydrogen is used to power the boats stored in fuel cells(?) and a lot of other enjoyable parts.

I honestly do not remember enough about this adventure and the explicit terms to repeat them here, so if you’re honestly interested past this point, just search on the Konstanz Hochschule website to find some more information. It’ll probably be interesting if you want it to be interesting.

We visited the same institute that we did our conference yesterday. It was really interesting to see what the DS version of Germany would be. It was practically the same, just cheaper and fewer options. We had basically three things to choose from: vegetarian, the main meal, and the alternative meal. It was Grecian day so I just got the main meal and pigged out. It was ever so incredible. Rice with gravy and lamb. A cup of potato soup. I think there was a small desert that was in it too, but boy was that something else. It just filled me up the right way a meal should. I was content with taste and quantity. Just wow.

Let’s go back.

After we parted ways from lunch, we just spent the day wandering through the town. Sam and I just started going through different shops, finding fun things to do and strange things to see. We found this shop we’ve never seen before called Müller, which directly translated mean Mill Farmer or Miller.  It’s basically a large Walgreens. It felt just like Walgreens especially when they started having metal crates of sale goods outside the store and around the different aisles. I just wanted to run in, get some shampoo and leave. I actually didn’t end up purchasing anything, but I thought I was going to. I just felt a lot of pressure to purchase something.

Another place we saw was a place that was entirely chocolate. It was chocolate bars, puzzles, advent calendars, and little figurines that were made out of chocolate. Now, I wish I could have taken a photo of a few of these because they were just so cute. Except there was one that was a block of cheese made out of chocolate and I’m not sure how good that would taste/ how hard it would be to eat it. Just eating a block of cheese would be fine; cheese is amazing. But if I had to eat a block of cheese and try to think that it’s actually chocolate; that’s nearly an impossibility.

Chocolate or cheese or small rodents, I might eat it.

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