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Schitt’s Creek’s Happy Ending

In our final farewell to our loyal crew, the writers, actors, and entire production crew came in clutch giving what every viewer needed in a finale for Schitt’s Creek. David and Patrick are finally getting married! Today’s the day and when David wakes up to find his wedding venue is rained out and several mishaps take place, the Rose family steps up to make his day the best.

Moira is in pure control of her wig and costume game, patrolling and prancing around like she owns every place. Her character has made such a trajectory from day one and has created her own world to survive and thrive in. This last and final episode is no different and is quite the cherry on top of the award-nominated Moira Rose inspired three decker cake.

Alexis comes out strong as her familiar mishaps get everyone in trouble once again. From time to time her outbursts of seemingly aloof choices, David ends up in the cross hairs of the unpleasant outcome. This episode plays no different to her strengths as a “Whoops! I’m sorry” character, even as she walks David down the aisle.

Patrick remains stable and available for David. He seems to be the crutch the entire Rose family falls upon. As we get a beautiful reprise of a few songs in Patrick’s repertoire, we hear his voice once again. As each character got their spotlight on the show, this final episode showcases all their talents again!

David Rose. He has always been a character I found myself identifying with. He’s really having a difficult time adjusting to Schitt’s Creek and eventually learns that life isn’t about where you live, it’s about how you live it. From how he responds to sleeping in a motel to finding the love of his life, David comes out in true fashion with his snarky remarks, endearing love for those around him, and finding the best in a bad situation.

I could honestly talk about David Rose alone, but I’ll leave it here as is to showcase what this final episode brought to close the entire series. It presented the strengths of every character shown, it answered familiar questions about Ronnie’s sexuality, followed David through a semi-promiscuous encounter, and Moira got to parade a new and glorious outfit. For me, Happy Ending was the only way to end Schitt’s Creek. As each of these actors move forward, I cannot wait to see what they’ll do next!

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