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Got off the bus from Frankfurt to München and immediately met up with Garth and Stefan. Here we did a quick car tour of a small part of town as we were looking for dinner. It wasn’t anything too large like the inner city, but we did pass a few cool parts of town. We passed by the large park area that is used for Oktoberfest every year. It was basically empty. There is a few paved roads, but overall there was just patches of grass and a few people scattered around it. It was getting dark outside and I didn’t know where my camera was, so I was unable to really capture the moment, but trying to imagine that entire plot of land filled with people was hard. There must be tents and beer that make it transform into something great.

We meet Manfred and Joachim and had dinner at a Biergarten. It was filled with large green benches that looked like they came from a picnic area in Burnsville. But since there were so many, it didn’t look as scary. There was a significant amount of chestnut trees shading the entire grounds as well as umbrellas to keep the sun out. Considering it was the hottest that it has been so far this trip, the shade felt nice. I ordered a traditional sized beer, which turns out to be a full liter. They don’t goof around in Bayern; they mean beer when you say beer. It took me almost the entire meal and some time after to finish it, but it was fairly good.

During dinner we all caught up with each other while explaining certain




Our biking tour took us through the central park area where we passed a little bit of Garth’s history. Near the path we were on was his dormitory that he stayed in the first times he visited München. He said he lived there for about four years with a very simple access to the large bike paths and running areas in this park. He was able to just go out, like we were doing now, and enjoying the hot day on a bike or on a hike. What joy! I’m also just very sweaty and uncomfortable with the weather, but I’m in München finally! I’ve been waiting for this for a while, so I don’t really care

Photo on 6-5-15 at 4.56 PM

We’re going to go splash in the river.

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