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Die Schweiz und Frankreich


You can see how close the restaurants are to the river in this picture. The restaurant where we ate is pictured here somewhere.

Ich hab vergessen, dass der 17. Mai wir nach die Schweiz gefahren haben. Wir hätten nicht viel Zeit, aber wir aßen ein teureres Abendessen am Rhein. Es war in das Budget. Es war Nudeln und nicht so interessant. I konnte es in meinem Haus gekocht. Wir haben nur für unsere Stuhle bezahlt. Und die Schweiz ist sehr teuer auch. In Freiburg ist Eis nur 1 Euro, aber in die Schweiz ist Eis 3,50 Euro für einen Kugel. Teuer. Teuer. Teuer. Nicht mehr, danke. Wo ist Freiburg? Ich mag Freiburg.

Und in der Schweiz haben sie erschreckende Toiletten. Check them out here. We each used the bathroom because we knew how scary it was. The service wasn’t good, the food wasn’t good, but the bathroom was very interesting. It made all sorts of noises and turning of the seats. Joel described it as a transformer. Watch the video to decide yourself.


Once we wandered long enough through the Altstadt, we had to go find some food. We’re in France; get a baguette. So we did. I just got one that had salmon, cucumbers, and tomatoes. It was quite tasty considering the lack of ingredients. But that’s what made it taste good; I could taste just the bread and each ingredient. It wasn’t a mash of flavor or overwhelming crash of sensation, but it was true to each food. Way to go. Much impressed.


When they put the flags in order, they use the title of the country in the maiden language of that state. Finnland for instance is not located near F because in Finn, Finnland is Soumi.  The same with Spain being España. This way it can ring true to each language. My own philosophy is that every language should do that. Germany shouldn’t be called Germany. It’s Deutschland to the Germans, España to the Spanish, Soumi to the Finns. On their map, they call it that, so why can’t we call it that as well? It would improve the understanding of the diversity in the world. That’s a pretty big initiate to set into place, but I believe it is an important one to adhere to.




The nice part about the location where we ate was that it was right next to this postcard-esque location. We ate practically right next to this view around sunset before we headed back to Schloss Beuggen for the night.

What a shame. It’s so beautiful.

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