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Döner und Schwarzwald

Zuerest, habt ihr einmal Döner probiert? Habt ihr alle von einen Döner gehört? Ein Döner ist das bestes Essen in der Weld, weil es wie einen Burrito aussieht. Er hat Fladenbrot (Yufka), und viele Gemüse. Er hat Gurken, Tomaten, Maize, verschiedene Soßen, Kraut und Zwiebel. Ich sagte dass Döner besser als Chipotle schmeckt. Was? Es gibt etwas besseres als Chipotle? Natürlich: Döner. Heute habe ich einen Lammdöner probiert und morgen werde ich einen Fallafeldöner probieren. Das war nur Minuten vorher. Jetzt muss ich durch Sustainability bei Leslie Paul Thiele lesen. Zuvor, hört gut zu.

Der Schwarzwald war sehr hell für seinen dunklen Name. Oder er war grüner als seine Name. Es war sehr passend weil viele grüne Tannen überall ist. Die Blumen war zu schön. Es ärgert mich.

I’ll explain that to you for more sense-making. So far, Sam and I have made a complete fool of ourselves by shouting how everything cute makes us mad. I know I use that same sort of strange aggression/compassion in the same way with my friends back home saying something is so cute that I just want to squeeze it to death. But oftentimes, it’s a little more graphic than just using the word “death.” Any event, Sam and I would talk about how mad we are that this landscape is so beautiful. The flowers are too pretty. I’m pissed about it. That waterfall is gorgeous and it flows down next to us on the path. That’s so annoying. We’re standing in the middle of der Schwarzwald, hiking, and just having a great time. I hate us to death.

These sorts of strange sayings keep us alive as we go on our ways that often lead us to wrong paths and new adventures. Well, they might not lead to them, but they definitely accompany some sort of belief that things are going to be entirely alright. 😛

We climbed up the mountain called Schauinsland today and we definitely did not think we were going to get ourselves into trouble. We took our connecting railcars and buses; we took the lift to the top of the mountain; we hiked to the top; saw the view. Next thing you know that’s happening, we’re hiking downhill the entire height and getting on and off the wrongs trails left and right. There is honestly not one person to blame for it because we all kind of agreed on different paths to take. Eventually we just gave up and just started climbing down.

At one point, we noticed that the direction was completely incorrect. Once we put down our maps, that’s when the adventure really began. Well maybe a little before. We found ourselves lost. The postage of signs was poorly done and the intertwining of paved roads, dirt roads, and beaten paths was far too plentiful. Each trail probably passed another path several times before it reached the bottom. Truly, we couldn’t have followed one path all the way down. We took a wrong turn at one and ended up heading right back towards the mountaintop. Granted, it didn’t really matter because a hike is a hike. The purpose of a hike is for the journey and I’m glad that it took us longer, but it truly was interesting. We walked by the river pictured above, several different openings that showed the horizon below, and several slugs. We started keeping track of slugs after we saw one lying in the middle of the path, completely in harms way. End count was somewhere between 17 and 30. All gold slugs about the size of a large sized tootsie roll (they looked like them too).

As for now, the world can’t just stay large forever. Especially when we’re talking about the forest. I noticed when we were walking through der Schwarzwald that there were several trees cut down. Not several, but practically every other location that could have housed a tree, housed a stump instead. I’m assuming they were chopped down for safety reasons, trees falling over, broken in a storm, but I didn’t know exactly why there were so many in different locations this way. Also on our hike, we saw a fairly large stand of trees lined up next to a house. It was nothing to be worried about since it was such a small portion.

As we go to bed tonight, I’ll be starting my Sustainability book and trying to connect some of the material I’ll be reading to the material I’ve been seeing. There isn’t that much to connect quite yet, but who knows! There just might be.

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